Route Key

East Face
North Wall
Pinnacle Outside
S Buttress Outside
SE Buttress
S Buttress Inside
Pinnacle Inside

Description Key for Full Routes: (popup key window)

Route #
= corresponds to # in the photo

Name - Name of the route

FT = Feet on texture only
FH = Feet on designated holds only
FHT = Feet on designated holds and texture
FO = Feet on anything

Difficulty Grade = 5.X, Between 5.5 and 5.12. Click here for a full description.

B/# = Number of bolts to the top. Note that this does not include all the bolts at the top necessary to set up an anchor.

(*) = Stars from 1-5 rating the quality of the routes. (****) being the best, (*) being marginal. Not all routes have a star rating.

Route #, "Name", FT, Grade, B/#, (*)

1. "Cool Route", FO, 5.7, B/4, (***)
This route is signified by a #1 on the photo. It is called "Cool Route". You can use your feet on anything. Its rated at 5.7. You need at least 4 quickdraws to clip the 4 bolts to the top + however many extra to make an anchor. It has a star rating of 3/4 which means its probably a pretty fun route.